Media and blogger contacts

If you have a customer service question, you can find advice and support by visiting your local Vodafone website.

Please note that Vodafone media relations teams do not have access to customer data and will not be able to help you with customer queries.


Journalists and bloggers
If you have a question about financial or corporate matters related to Vodafone Group Plc - the FTSE10 business listed in London and New York - you can contact the Vodafone Group media relations team.

If you have a question about Vodafone’s operating business in the UK – for example, related to Vodafone UK products and services or the Vodafone UK network – you can contact the Vodafone UK media relations team.


Industry analysts
If you have a question about Vodafone Group's UK or global operations, contact the Vodafone Group industry analyst relations team.


General enquiries
The Vodafone switchboard is on +44 (0)1635 33251 and is available from 0800 to 1800 GMT, Monday to Friday.