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Technology is a vital tool in people’s lives and our vision sets out our ambition to further improve livelihoods and quality of life, as well as bringing benefits to the organisations we work with.

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Sustainability Report 2014/15

Vodafone's ambition is to contribute to sustainable living by delivering connectivity and innovative services to our customers, while maintaining the trust of our stakeholders by behaving ethically and responsibly wherever we operate.

Report highlights

Reaching remote farmers

Communications technology is one of the most effective ways of reaching remote farmers to help them improve their productivity and livelihoods, while increasing efficiency throughout the agricultural supply chain.

We are partnering with enterprise customers, NGOs and government agencies to develop commercially viable propositions to boost food production, improve farmers’ incomes and bring efficiencies for consumer goods companies.

M-Pesa mobile money transfer service

Our M-Pesa mobile money transfer service offers people without a bank account access to financial services through their mobile phone, enhancing their ability to improve their lives and livelihoods.

M-Pesa was launched in 2007, enabling people to transfer small amounts of money to friends and family safely and affordably via their mobile phone. It is now a well-established part of our business with over 19.9 million active users in nine markets.

Improving energy efficiency

As we grow our business, we are using our technology to enable more of our enterprise customers to reduce their carbon emissions. At the same time, we aim to minimise the carbon footprint of our own operations by improving the energy efficiency of our network and using more renewable energy.

We are working towards a new goal for our carbon footprint: within three years we aim to enable our customers to reduce their carbon emissions by twice the amount of carbon we generate through our own activities.

Powering innovation

Communications technology can play a significant role in enabling a low carbon economy by powering innovations that can reduce carbon footprints while bringing wider social and economic benefits.

Vodafone is a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions that enable objects or devices such as cars, traffic or street lights and buildings to send and receive real-time information via our network. This information enables our enterprise and business customers to gain insight into how their resources are being used. This in turn can help them to cut costs and carbon emissions, by, for example, reducing their energy and fuel use and thus improving the efficiency of their operations. Looking ahead, it is clear that M2M technology has the potential to reduce the impact of not just businesses, but entire cities.

Meeting our standards

We work with our suppliers to help them meet our ethical, health and safety, social and environmental standards and improve their performance through monitoring, assessments and engagement.

We spend billions of pounds each year on equipment and services that enable us to operate our network and on products such as mobile phones, SIM cards and other devices that we sell to our customers.

To target improvements further down the supply chain, we require our suppliers to demand similar standards of their own suppliers and check this through audits and performance management processes.

A mature safety culture

Ensuring the safety of everyone involved in our operations is core to Vodafone. We believe all accidents and injuries are preventable and we are driving a culture where safety is an integral part of our decision making across the Group

Our strategy is designed to tackle the root causes of major incidents and to create a mature safety culture across the Group. Our programmes and policies establish how employees and contractors identify and manage risks and take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those around them. This vigilance is essential to our vision, not just of eliminating major incidents but preventing any incidents that could affect the health and safety of our people.

Commitment to transparency

Doing more with less

The Connected Farmer Alliance is our a partnership with USAID and the NGO TechnoServe, using our technology to help 500 million smallholder farmers in Africa to increase their productivity; and our Turkey Farmers’ Club has already helped farmers increase productivity by €190 million, showing how mobile can make a real difference.

20 %

By 2030, there will be 20% more people in the world necessitating a 70% increase in agricultural production.

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